Drift into the horizon


Refresh in an infinity pool that boasts a lush tropical garden and picturesque views

Water, we cannot exist without it. It sustains our systems, calms our mind, heals our body and cleanses us inside and out. We ourselves are made up of predominantly water. It can generate great power and can also bring deep peace. It is heavy, yet when submerged in it we feel weightless and free.

We honor this incredible element and are proud to have our infinity pool as the center piece of our beautiful property. The water is gentle on your skin and eyes while providing natural minerals for your skin to absorb. The infinity edge is perfectly situated with a stunning view of green hillsides descending to the ocean below, allowing for a deep appreciation of nature’s beauty. Coupled with a relaxing soak in our jacuzzi, your worries will dissolve in this stress-free space.

Order a refreshing drink from our pool bar as you lounge and listen to the soothing flow of our custom-built waterfall.

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“Nothing better than fresh mountain air…

I really enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Most of my time was spent by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean.”

– Arden, South Carolina