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Forest Therapy

It is not uncommon for us to spend 95% of our days surrounded by four walls. Humans have adapted to live without nature, but this is not our design. The practice of shinrin-yoku, which in Japanese means “immersing in the forest atmosphere”, is an opportunity to remember that we are part of nature, and it is part of us.

Conducted on our private trails, this is not a fitness hike, but rather an effortless engagement of the senses and an invitation to be acutely aware of the earth, trees, air and sky.

Our guide will lead you through a process of reconnection to the natural environment, allowing you to reap the physical, emotional and psychological benefits it offers. Reserve time to commune with the living and breathing forest, and emerge refreshed, relaxed and revived.

*Approximately 2 hours


Cacao and Sound Ceremonies

Enjoy the benefits of ceremonial cacao thoughtfully prepared with cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne pepper and cane sugar. Then ignite through ecstatic dance.
Alternatively, embark on a cosmic sound journey as you are bathed in rhythmic and soothing tones from the gong and accompanying instruments.

Cacao & Ecstatic Dance

This exploration begins with a group circle to connect and strengthen your intentions before ingesting and activating the cacao through heart opening breathing exercises. Celebrate together through dance therapy, releasing layers of resistance and sharing in the joy of dance. Flow through two waves of movement, the first with latin and jungle rhythms and the second with atmospheric and gentle energy.

*Approximately 2 hours

Gong Bath and Sound Therapy

The power of the gong is used along with the sacred sound of the voice and other instruments such as bowls, didgeridoo, bells, handpan and more. The gong’s resonance balances all parts of our being: body, mind and spirit. It achieves a state of expansion of consciousness, deep relaxation, and innumerable additional benefits. The gong induces us to a meditative state, causing an alteration of our consciousness. We feel part of the cosmos, we perceive the sound vibration of the planets and our heart remembers these frequencies. Does not include cacao.

*Approximately 2 hours

Off-site tours

Expand your horizons to new corners of Costa Rica with diverse half or full day trips


Hanging Bridges and Zip-lining

Hanging Bridges

Wander the trails and explore the diverse cloud forest ecosystem up close and with a view from above. Admire the abundance of flowers and ferns that flourish amongst trees draped with greenery. Visit the hummingbird and butterfly gardens and watch for beautifully colored birds and other resident wildlife.


Soar like a bird on twelve different cables through the rainforest with an optional Tarzan swing and the chance to fly from the treetops in superman position! This popular tour is highly recommended for a little extra adrenaline.


See the forest from every angle and enjoy both the hanging bridges and zip-lines.

*Approximately 2 hours each. Combo tour approximately 4 hours. Bridges trail distance: ½ mile – 1.2 miles depending on route.


Hot Springs

The charming town of La Fortuna is famously known as the gateway to the iconic Arenal Volcano. Having first erupted in 1968 and its lava last sighted in 2010, today it is considered dormant, but its internal thermal activity permits the Tabacón River to provide naturally heated and mineralized water to nearby hot springs. This is an exotic getaway you surely do not want to miss!

Eco Termales

Naturally flowing thermal springs flow over dozens of waterfalls and form warm relaxing pools amidst the beautiful rainforest. Let the sounds and sights of the native flora and fauna flood your senses. In the tranquility of this award-winning resort you are sure to feel uplifted and refreshed.


Credited as the world’s largest hot springs resort, this therapeutic oasis is made up of 25 individual thermal pools. Varying in temperature and complete with swim-up bars and water slides, this expansive retreat surrounded by tropical fauna offers something for everyone.

Complement your journey with a stop in the quaint town of La Fortuna with its many boutique shops or visit the picturesque La Fortuna waterfall, reached only by descending down a series of steps through a tropical rainforest.


Las Musas Waterfalls

Spend time wandering through the forest trails and exploring mother nature. Las Musas is a collection of five different falls. Take in the natural beauty of the first waterfall upon arrival, then embark on a 2 hour guided hike through dense forest and past several stunning viewpoints before reaching more breathtaking cascades.

Stop to visit the farmers market and discover the rich bounty reaped from the fertile land of San Ramón and surrounding areas. Taste fresh fruit and homemade treats, browse artisanal crafts, and observe local culture and tradition. The market runs on Fridays and Saturdays.


Horseback Riding

Imagine starting your morning riding a horse through stunning landscapes, listening to the birds and taking in the beauty that surrounds you. This quiet nearby family-owned farm boasts picturesque lookouts throughout the entire property and provides the perfect setting to slow down and remind yourself of the simple life.

This is the heart of Costa Rica – friendly people and a relaxed lifestyle. Being up in the mountains truly allows you to disconnect from the world. Complete your journey with a traditional coffee break and leave this beautiful farm feeling grateful.

*Approximately 3 hours


Coffee Tour

Tour a coffee plantation and learn about the fascinating and painstaking art of producing “the golden bean.” Your guide will walk you though the growing process from germination and plant growth to harvesting, sorting and drying. Learn where in the world Costa Rica sends its coffee and how it stands out in terms of quality.

Take in the delicious scent of fresh roasted coffee in the roasting room and learn how this process can produce different flavors from the same bean. Travel back in time when you visit a historic cottage on the property to taste a fresh cup brewed in the most traditional way that Costa Ricans have used for over 200 years and still use to this day.

*Approximately 2 hours


Farmer´s Market

A visit to this bustling weekly affair is an excellent introduction to Costa Rican culture and local life. Wander the stalls and meet the farmers who have worked the land for generations. You’ll see locally grown produce alongside flowers, medicinal plants, fresh herbs, organic coconut oil, artisanal crafts and fresh baked goods.

Test your Spanish and try your hand at paying with the local currency (Colones). To get a true taste of culture, be sure to get yourself a tortilla palmeada con queso (hand-pressed tortilla with cheese) or a traditional tamale wrapped in a plantain leaf for a hearty treat. Add a refreshing glass of jugo de cana (cane juice) or a pipa fria (coconut) and you’ve got a first-class introduction for your pallet to authentic pura vida goodness.

The market runs on Fridays and Saturdays.


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