Vida Deluxe (Signature Massage)

An exquisite fusion of Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage: this treatment is complemented with a delicate scalp massage and revitalizing facial mask.

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed natural stones are placed strategically on all chakra points and massaged all over the body to help relieve pressure and melt away stress.


Aromatherapy Massage

Delicate aromas stimulate your senses with our special blend of essential oils as they’re applied to ease away stress, tension and tired muscles.

Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage

Your tension will melt away under the moderate pressure and circular movements of this massage, which improves circulation and general wellbeing.


Therapeutic – Deep Tissue Massage

The therapist applies slow, firm pressure to the areas that need extra attention. This massage is not recommended for first-time spa clients.

Relaxing – Swedish Massage

A perfect treat after yoga and a day of nature, this classic massage combines gentle circular movements and strokes that increase blood circulation and help reduce tension.



This oriental pressure technique concentrates on specific points of the soles of your feet to reestablish the body’s flow of energy and stimulate the release of toxins

Scalp Massage

A relaxing massage using acupressure focusing on the scalp, face and neck. Known as the secret of youth.