Here at Vida Mountain we are blessed with plenty of open space and fresh air.

Rest assured that you can relax and enjoy your time here in comfort. Along with our regular practices of cleanliness, we have taken extra measures in light of COVID-19 to support the safety of our guests and employees, in line with recommended protocols.

We can assist you in arranging any required COVID-19 rapid antigen or PCR testing needed at the start of your retreat, or before your departure from Costa Rica. We can arrange for on-site testing here at the resort or book your appointment at a clinic in nearby San Ramón.

Masks or face coverings are required in areas that involve close contact with staff or other guests.

Contactless check-in procedures have been implemented, allowing guests to register via email correspondence.

All rooms continue to be cleaned with eco-friendly products, and all surfaces are disinfected with a solution of 70% alcohol.

Kitchen and dishware are cleaned thoroughly on high heat with industry-standard equipment.

Linens are washed with a detergent/disinfectant solution.

Eco-friendly antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer are available in all rooms, common areas, restrooms and our reception area.

We’ve implemented a social distancing protocol in our reception, pool area, yoga shala, restaurant and tea room along with continual disinfection of frequently visited areas.

We are continually monitoring announcements and changes in government standardized protocols. We are available to assist anyone who feels they need extra care, including contacting the ministry of health to arrange necessary treatment.

Yoga Shala

To allow for appropriate social distancing, a maximum of 12 participants and 1-2 instructors are allowed in our yoga shala in any one session. Additional participants may be possible if they belong to the same social bubble. Sliding doors shall remain open (all doors have screens) to allow a constant flow of fresh air through the space. Yoga classes with more participants may be held outdoors in our green areas. Each participant will be assigned a mat for the duration of their stay. We also provide disinfecting spray to clean the mat after each use.


If you are forced to change your plans, we have a flexible booking policy to account for the current uncertainty due to COVID-19. If cancellation is inevitable due to travel bans, we offer a credit for use within one year. Exclusions may apply. Contact us for more details.

*Please read our terms and conditions for more information

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